Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Un Natural Dyeing

Two posts in one day! Not because I have a lot to say but because I have a lot to show. I did a bunch of dye painting on silk and felt yesterday.  Two unusual things happened; I managed not to have all the yellow wash out AND I am pleased with most of the results. I will use most of the silk for nuno felting.

I wanted to make some things that I could use as back grounds. This will be cut in two. The next photo is after the silk was steamed, rinsed and dried.

This next piece I painted was a piece of folded silk so I can have either two pieces that match...or a reflection?
And of course I did one of my typical land and sky things.

I also did some plain ole dyeing...and LOOK! one of the pieces is NOT blue and green!
And I am very happy that the only square I did that has finished edges came out so well. I like it so much that I probably won't felt it... I may need to start wearing scarves! 
The felt pieces were all over dyes on pieces that I was not happy with.
This one I did at Joei's house but I didn't like how the white wool came through so much. Below is a before and after dyeing.
I over-dyed another nuno felt piece that I was not happy with good results. This piece has been through many different stages over many months.
It started as a piece of silk that I painted...but the colors washed out.

So I laid down wool in colors to coordinate with the silk to make a nuno landscape.

Then I added bits of colored silk and other goodies on top of the painted silk.
But this was when I was having trouble with some color (especially yellow) washing out, so the resulting felt was disappointing to me.

I like it better now...
And this last piece I liked better before I steamed the piece.

but who knows...I may do something else to it and find I like it. That is what I love about doing this kind of art. There are so many options and ways to (possibly) improve a piece!
Now, I have to go clean up my dye mess!


  1. WOW! I want to take an over dye class with you! These are fantastic results.

  2. Thank you Joei. We do need to play the dye game again soon. Do you want to do some painting with dye? And I guess we should make some felt flowers since we said we would.