Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where Time Goes

The funny thing about using notes or a string around your finger or a blog to help you remember something is that you have to remember where you put the note or what the string or blog was for. I  forgot that the main reason I started this blog was to help me remember, at least in part, what I have been doing or thinking. I admit that my lack of writing is not all due to forgetfulness. It is also because I have been busy doing other things. Many of these things I was doing in order to avoid doing TAXES. I am good at making other things seem much more pressing when there is a task I just don't want to do. For example I just HAD to cut down the invasive multi-flora rose that has been spreading in the 'back 40' for years. REALLY spring IS the best time to hack away at it since 1. I need to be outside 2. there are fewer bugs 3. cooler weather means I can wear long sleeves to protect my arms 4. multi-flora rose is one of the first shrubs to leaf out making them easy to spot. See all that dead stuff by the drive? I must have cut about 15 large shrubs.
Then I found out that our town's yearly pick up of hazardous waste was on April 10th so of course getting those nasty chemicals out of the house was much more important than doing taxes. We had/have hazardous waste here from about 5 different households. Whenever someone moved or a grandparents house was sold we brought the stuff that we didn't know what to do with to this house. I collected enough 'stuff' (much of it was a mystery since the cans were rusty or unlabeled) to fill up the entire bed of our pickup truck. I forgot to take a picture of the full truck but here are pictures of the 'cleaned out' shelves and some of the things that did not make the cut.
In between these two projects I took care of the girls...and boy.
And in between these things I had to get ready for our guild meeting here in Connecticut on the weekend of the 17th. That involved cleaning, since I would be having my friend Joei come to visit (my first sleepover since I was a kid!) and I needed to make an art card for the swap that the guild has at the meetings.
Here is my card.

I also did a few more of these small pieces and more natural dyeing. But I will post about those things later...
IF I can remember. While all of this was going on I was sliding down the slippery slope to another bout of depression caused by a switch in meds to a generic brand and maybe some stress? I didn't really notice my mood slipping but my Dad did, though I should have known when none of this brought me the usual sense of satisfaction or joy, not even these.

By the way, I actually did get my taxes done...on time.
And got back on my old meds.

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