Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to felting

I said I would post about the felt pieces I have been doing lately but my last post was too long to include them.  I was so enjoying making the small piece for the card swap for the guild meeting that I made a few more. Not sure yet what I will do with them. But first here is the card that was in the envelope that I am so happy I picked. It is a lovely sample piece done by Flo Rosenstock. Unlike me she does the smart thing and makes a sample before she makes the final piece. 

And here is Flo modeling the final product of her work. She is a very talented feltmaker!

I already posted a picture of the one I did for the swap so I won't add that here. Below are the other small pieces I've done since then.
The colors on this are brighter than they appear here.

With this one I'm not sure whether or not I should stitch some of the leaves too.

Dusting off the old embroidery skills. I don't think I have made french knots since I was a kid...I still love them!
This last one is not finished as I want to do some stitching and maybe some beading on it too. This one is almost big enough to be a pillow front.

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