Thursday, March 6, 2014

An 'I am still behind' post

I guess I have to admit that I am just not going to catch up with my blog. I wish I did not make it such a big deal to just sit and write and post. I do much better with my Facebook posting since I don't write so much. I could do that here as well but that does not seem much like blogging. Yes, I have strange ideas about doing things the 'correct' way even when I am the one who decides what is 'correct'. So, admitting that I am not going to catch up on everything here I am going to just post photos (the best part anyway) and do some descriptions.
I have been doing a lot of non-felt art. It is too cold for me to want to get my hands wet. I think I also needed a break from it...or something. My winning that award for my color pencil drawing also gave me a boost to want to do more of that. I did this new piece.

I also have been doing a lot with my new pastels. Especially a lot of experimenting with different surfaces to paint on.

I took a one day workshop at the West Hartford Art League with  Frank Frederico since I had never taken any classes in using pastels. Here is a photo of Frank's demo piece.

 And my piece at the end of class.

I did more to it when I got home.

I did this piece after the work shop and I can see a difference.

I have done some fiber art in the form of stitching on a piece I made while visiting my friend Joei. I wanted to do an all white piece but I guess I could not resist adding some soft colors. I am not sure what it will become if anything. I am viewing it as a sampler since I am playing with new embroidery stitches. It is a fun thing to just pick away at, working along without any real plan. I will let you know if it ever tells me it is finished.