Monday, February 1, 2010

Fun with Joei aka Art That's Felt

First a confession. My last post took forever to write so what started on Tuesday as "today's" art insight didn't get published until Sunday. I learned something though. I need to write more posts that are just short and sweet notes about my recent doings.
Yesterday (and the day before) were spent on an impromptu trip to my friend Joei's house. She was ready to put up with me again for another two days of dyeing and felting. We dyed some more with the indigo...

These were folded and clamped with supplies brought to us by Joei's husband. Thank You Bill!

Joei got a kind of window pane effect.
We discovered that the indigo gave us a different color this time around. The things we dyed last time were much more on the red side of blue. in the photo below you can see the difference.

Joei also felted a couple of pieces for her quilt. One of the things I love about getting together with other artists is seeing the colors that they use. (I need to step out of my blue and green color habit). Here are the pieces that Joei cut for one of her quilt blocks. I am not a fan of pink but I really love this combination.

Here is Joei felting her second block of the weekend. Notice how well I captured the movement of her hand...couldn't have done that if I wanted to but I think it is a cool effect.

Unfortunately Joei also has exposed me to several new techniques and reminded me of the beauty of embroidery. I am now stitching and beading a piece but that will be a later post. The picture below is one example of the type of things I get to see on these visits. (The book was done by another artist whose name I of course can not remember).

This is a new technique Joei learned. I love it.

And last I want to show that these weekends are an exchange of ideas. This is a piece that Joei laid out the last time we got together. Sadly the browns washed out during the felting so the piece was not quite successful as we had hoped. (See can see the resulting felt on her blog)>


  1. It is such a learning curve visiting your blog. I love your methods.

  2. Many thanks Jasmine:) I am learning a lot too!