Sunday, February 7, 2010

felted and beaded cuff

HURRAY!! I finally finished something. It has been bothering me that I have so many projects started but I can't seem to finish anything lately. I get bored way too quick and have very little patience. That is why I have to celebrate little triumphs such as finishing this cuff.

I blame Joei for getting me interested in embellishing felt with beads and embroidery. I started this as a watch band. I bought a watch face and was planing on making several bands so I could change the look. I liked the band better without the watch so I decided to make it into a cuff. And hey, I finally used some of the beads I seem to be addicted to buying.

For the watch I found a bracelet that I had been beading but never finished.  It is made of two felt bangles that I was connecting with a row of beads. I had about an inch and a half left to bead but it has just been sitting undone for at least a year.  I can't believe that the watch face fit right in the space that was left undone.

I have to remember this during those times when it seems that nothing ever goes right....AND when things don't get done in what seems like a timely manner. I need to stop looking at unfinished projects as a bad thing. Yes, it is good to finish what I start but I  also must  give myself credit for the doing. I always have to remind myself that it is the process...the journey...the action...simply the doing and being...that matter in life...and art.


  1. Hey! I *love* the way this finished up. I think I have to go bead shopping after you showed me those tiny tiny flowers.

  2. I had to buy some more of course since I used a I went shopping on ETSY and bought a couple hundred more. I have a bead buying problem!