Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another type of landscape

After learning that my friend Joei was able to felt through several layers of silk for her quilt I started playing with doing some nuno and collage type of landscapes. Our guild had a felt postcard exchange and I really enjoyed doing some small pieces using the silk I dyed. The first one was one of my typical landscapes using colored wool to create the image. Except that I laid it out thinner and felted it to a piece of silk that I had dyed blue and green.

Here is the front. I really liked the texture that felting onto the silk gave to the piece.

Here is the silk side.

Next, I tried one using just pieces of silk to create the image.

I liked this one better before most of the yellow dye washed out when I was felting the piece.

By now I was really into the postcard size, so I did a rose, using a drawing I made as a pattern.

Then I did two more small size landscapes. For these I just free snipped pieces of silk. Kind of like confetti. I really like the effect of the black wool coming through the silk. I copied this use of black wool from fellow guild member Jean Gauger who makes such beautiful wraps with butterfly imagery.
Here is Fall...

and here is Winter.

For the winter scene I used white wool at the bottom, gray in the middle, and black in the sky.
I also did a spring, but the yellows washed out so much I won't show it. Maybe someday I will do the other two seasons.

 Linda Van Alstyne got my card in the swap and asked me if I could do a landscape like that first on but with a bit more detail. I was not sure how that would work since I usually add the detail with the felting needle. I thought that the needling would rip the silk too much. I was able to do it without ruining the silk but it was not particularly pleasant poking the needle through it. I didn't add much detail because what Linda really about my post card was the watercolor look of the piece. Here is what I came up with. 

This piece is bigger than the post cards, about 9x13.
Just for the heck of it here is a photo of how this piece looked when the fibers were laid out, just before I wet it down.

And here is what it looked like after the wet felting but before I did any needle felting on it.

I did do a bit more fiddling with this one since the photos were taken and I am very happy with it.


  1. Beautiful ... your work is so very wonderful. The landscapes have such life in them.

  2. Thanks Joei! I think it is the wool that puts the life in them.

  3. I love your landscapes, and I truly fell in love with your fall-piece. I can hardly believe that it is made of little pieces of silk, surprising that they all attach! Love it! Is it postcard-size or is it bigger?
    bye, Colette

  4. Hi Colette, That landscape is a little bigger than a postcard. It measures about 8 inches by 6 inches.
    Thank you for the nice compliments.