Monday, January 25, 2010

Felt Landscapes

I realized that I don't have many pictures of my felt on here yet. And since I am not currently working on anything note worthy I will just post some of the landscapes I have done as a way introduce my work and as a record for myself. I start by laying out the colored wools and wet felting them. I then use a felting needle to add details.

This piece was my second felt landscape. It is close to 12 inches square if I remember rightly. It has flown the coop so to speak, sold at the Wesleyan Potters annual show and sale.

This piece is similar in size to the previous piece. I started this by laying out a lot of different green wools. I had been planing on making a mottled green background that I could needle felt flowers on. When the wet felting was done I saw a pond with reflections on the water. I enhanced the image and added the waterlilies with a felting needle.

This was the first landscape I did that was based on a photograph. The photo was in the Wet Canvas (an Internet art group) photo reference library. When I posted this image on Etsy the photographer saw it and sent me this message, "I happened to spot this lovely piece and did a double take! You see the reference you used was taken by me!I love it, it's so much better than the photo, I have no idea how you achieved it using felt!" I was astounded and very flattered to say the least.
This piece was rather large compared to the others. I think it was about 3 feet tall. I sewed actual stones and shells at the base of the tree and on the shore. This piece sold to an art collector:)
This piece is fairly big too, the frame is an 18x24. This is based on a reference photo that I took. (Notice the curves from my camera lens :P )
Two more before I trundle off to bed...


  1. I've been waiting for this. I've been bowled over by your paintings but the felt....ahhhh. So exquisite. I am in awe.

  2. Thank you Joei, Though you must have seen them all before!

  3. Your work is amazing. I began felt painting last September. Not quite as good as this but i am pleased with some of my pieces. Good to see your work :)

  4. Your landscapes are beautiful and very inspirational.

  5. Beautiful! I did a landscape in felt onto a raw silk hankie a while ago, and it was so satisfying to see everything come together. I'm not nearly on your level, but I hope to be someday!

  6. I am officially obsessed with these landscapes. I only discovered the beauty of these a few weeks ago and find myself searching the internet for more photos. How do I learn how to create these? I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and am afraid there are not many (if any) resources here.

  7. HI Auntie Kim, I love that your aspiration is to be the best auntie ever!
    I am so glad that you like my landscapes. I do teach but so far have only taught here in the Northeast. I just did a class in Glen's Falls.I do know that there are felters in Arizona, New Mexico, California, etc. I could ask if there are any in your area.
    I am thinking about writing a book as I have had some requests...maybe that 'someday' project will get off the ground this year...
    So nice to hear from folks like you. Thanks,Diane

  8. Your work is so beautiful! I have been doing felt landscapes for a couple of years myself. I always needle felted first and then wet felted. Do you just start out with wet felting the background? Just love your work

  9. Hi Kate, I always wet felt first, then add detail with a felting needle if I feel the piece needs it. I don't really enjoy needle felting but I do like what I can do with it. My work has changed since I posted these photos. I have gotten better at maintaining the lines I want during the felting so that I don't have to needle so much. Thanks for your compliments. It means a lot.

  10. Hi, Love your work. Do you think I could achieve similar results with needle felting? I am just starting out on the felting journey and am opposite to you that I don't think I would take to wet felting (my hands don't like being wet and so I would have to wear rubber gloves, which I also hate!)I have however loved my first step into needle felting. I am a landscape painter usually with pastels but am so excited to give it a try (just would be nice to have an experts view as to whether it is possible).
    Kind Regards

  11. Hi Dawn, Needle felting will give you good results. Some people needle felt and then do a bit of wet felting. There are a lot of possibilities with felt. I have a friend in the Northeast Feltmakers Guild that does stunning pictures with just needle felting.

    1. Thanks for your quick response and the link, her work also looks amazing (and she works with a single needle!) I am extra excited for my wool delivery now. Needle felting here I come!!
      Many Thanks Dawn

  12. Wondering what wet felting is. I took one meedlefelting workshop but it was an owl freestanding very small and would prefer to learn landscapes. Any online tutorials available? Have not fpund any.