Friday, April 22, 2011

Ray of Hope

I have been feeling a bit lighter since last week's post. I think this is due to many factors. It has been a bit sunnier, I have been sleeping better, family 'stuff' has been easier, taxes are done, and I taught my last landscape class until mid May. Less stress = an easier and quieter mind.
My class last weekend was one of the best I have had. I only had four students, all of whom were a joy to spend time with. It was so nice to not be pulled in so many directions and to be able to give lots of time to each student. Plus, Chris White was able to take steal a few minutes from her busy schedule to spend some time with us. She has been such a wonderful friend and mentor to me, it was really nice to be able to reconnect.

Here are photos of each student's piece as they developed during the weekend.
Here is Lisa's piece laid out,

wet felted,

 and after needling.

This is Pat's piece laid out,

wet felted,

and after needling.

Here is Sherril's piece laid out,

 wet felted,


in progress adding some needle felting (I love photos of artist's hands at work),

and at the end of class.

Here is Janice's piece laid out,

wet felted,

and after needling.

I was so inspired that I worked on a new landscape that I am actually liking. I hope I can get myself to finish this one; I am running out of finished examples to take to class.

But the most uplifting thing this week has been watching what I call 'chick TV'. I bought chicks at Tractor Supply (I should not be allowed in that store when they are having Chick Days!) and I have been so enjoying just watching them. Vicki and I went in to get just a couple of ducklings which I have wanted for a long time. They were out of ducks that day but we couldn't resist these,

two Leghorns, two Golden Comets, and 6 white Silkies. 
The next day one of my hens decided it was time for HER to have some chicks. She has gone broody and was sitting on 6 eggs at last count. She is on the favorite nest so the other girls just pile in and lay their eggs next to her. When they leave she puts their eggs under her too. I will have to isolate her if I want any eggs for myself.

In this photo the broody is in the front, a hen is laying in the back and one is standing trying to find room.

Vicki went back to TSC a couple of days later and got not two but FOUR ducklings...

AND two bantams...

and two Black Astrolorps. (I will admit that I approved the Astrolorps since I love my Miss Lucy so.) I guess instead of being a crazy cat lady I am a crazy chicken lady...or now that I have ducks and a visiting? parakeet I may be a batty bird lady.

I could spend hours just watching them.


  1. Are you sure those aren't rubber duckies with fleece glued on?
    Class work is lovely.
    Going to dye silk in the turkey cooker tomorrow.