Sunday, October 3, 2010

What happened to September Continued.

I thought I would get right back to writing about my landscape class but it has been almost a week. (I get distracted so easily.) One of the wonderful things about teaching is that I learn so much from my students and I always get inspired and a refreshed excitement about felting. I actually did some needling on my last landscape and was finding it less of a chore. I think I went so overboard needling on the barn painting that I did last year that I kind of burned out on that part of doing my landscapes. Needle felting is not my favorite...but I like what I am able to do with the needle.
There were 7 students and since I would only take a maximum of 8 that was a good sign that folks might want me to teach again. In fact plans are already in the works for a class in NY state for a class in November and another class at NEFS in the new year. One of my students had to drive 7 hours to get to the class. I can't tell you what those things mean to me. How my self esteem has been elevated by doing this class. Not least of all was concurring my own fear of taking the class to this new venue. I knew that the fact that I was so nervous about it meant that I really NEEDED to do it.
The best parts of teaching are when you see a student 'get it'. The moments when you see an expression of confusion change to the light of understanding. Or when you see a student's opinion of their work change because of a suggestion you have made. Since taking the two workshops last year and teaching my classes I realize just how special the sharing of knowledge and excitement that is fueled in a class setting can be. Teaching and taking classes is about so much more than technique and projects. But enough of my musings.
Here are some photos of the students and their work. Many of these photos are taken by the students because my batteries were rendered ineffective by NEFS's resident ghost ;) They worked when I got home:)
Here are the women working on there lay outs.

This is Janet, a very new felter, working hard on her lay out. 

This is Lori, well her hands at least, adding some locks to her lay out. Poor Lori. I knew her from the guild an yet somehow I got it in my head that her name was Dawn. I called her that the entire class...except when I called her Dawnlori.

This is Pat's lay out in progress. It turned out that Pat knew my father and mother from church so I felt a special bond with her. She also understood my humor and took my teasing in stride:)
I did manage to get photos of most of the pieces st the end of the day, after they were wet felted.

The next day we did the needle felting.
Pat enjoyed this part so much she planned on working more the following day while on vacation.

Jean was very excited about the way her piece developed with the needling.

Thea had fun adding yarns and though her piece came out more abstract than she originally intended I think she was pleased with the end result.

A tired but happy group.

A closer photo of Janet's piece that is hidden in the group photo.

My interest in landscapes was so renewed that I spent the last few days working on one for Felt United. I was not going to participate this year since I have been so busy but since the theme was the blue to yellow slice of the color wheel which includes my favorite colors I just had to do it. This is the largest landscape? I have done to date. At 37 x 80 inches I had to roll up some of the top to hang it on the trellis that I used to display it out by the road.
The audience.

The critic.

A detail.

The piece.
Now I have to figure out a way to hang it!


  1. WOW! The class did exceptionally well under your tutelage Diane. And I'm glad you showed the moonlight piece....What a great success!
    And your piece ...Magnifique!

    PS My word to encrypt was "dryin"

  2. Joei, Dryin...that is what our eco printed silk was doing down in Tenn when we hung um up on the line.Thank you as always for your nice comments. Question...when are you gonna post again on your am I supposed to keep tabs on you if you don't post? :)