Thursday, October 21, 2010

Looking for the bright side

Such a fight it has been the last week or so, and I am tired of fighting. It has been a very difficult day; following on the heels of several other difficult days. It happens every fall but I never know how bad things will be. I have been trying to 'think positive' and use the skills I have learned after 30+ years of fighting the enemy within. I walked this afternoon to try to get some exercise and boost my spirits. I also wanted to get a photo of a pair of barn doors at the nearby farm. The colors when the sun hits them is gorgeous and I knew the light was going to be wonderful today. The weather outside was such a reflection of what I was feeling inside; clouds, sun, wind, and rain all within hours and sometimes occurring together. The shots came out wonderful (I made them smaller than I usually post so they will not be appropriated without permission). I often feel that I am at my most creative when I have tipped to one side or the other of center.

The doors

I had written a poem many years ago during another depression in which I spoke about understanding that without pain we do not fully appreciate pleasure, just as we can not have a rainbow without the rain. I can not remember the exact words right now but I thought how fitting it was to see this rainbow on my walk.

My spirits were lifted,at least for a while, as I listened to the sounds of the resident hawks and eagles crying as they soared in the sky. It seemed as though all the birds were rejoicing that the storm had passed.
I savored the changing light as the sun slid lower in the sky... way to the night.

The rise of the moon reminded me of how much things can seem to change depending on your perspective. 

I will continue to try to keep things in perspective and look for the beauty of life.


  1. Keep it up and just keep moving forward. But you already know that. I know it can be very hard to do, for me it is February. Art in some form does seem to help alot.

  2. Thank you for the comment Ann. Creating certainly can help with many problems. For one thing it puts me in a zone where I don't think about problems. With felting it is very much like having a conversation with the wool. And wool speaks a nice soft language:)