Sunday, August 1, 2010

Newest Felt Project

This is just a quick post because I told my friend Joei that I would post my latest project. I wanted to do an experiment to see how the eco dyed silks would felt up. I had know idea what kind of color changes I would get with all the soap and water. I have not been washing out the silks, just picking off the plant matter. India Flint says that the colors cure with time so I just press the pieces with a steam iron without rinsing.

Here is the project laid out. I used prefelt and just ripped the silks in rectangles.

I  had trouble getting an accurate photo today of the final color but here are two shots.

Some of the pieces did not felt in too well, but I should be able to needle or sew them down with out it looking too bad.
To give an idea of the color shifts I took this photo. As I expected the choke cherry changed to a more bluish grey color, but I still like it.
I cropped two of the photos so you can see the color shift better. I can see that when you are using all natural dyes they do all go nicely together even when they change.
I don't know how or if I could put the pictures side by side which would be helpful here. The top is before felting.
The real colors are not as dark as in this photo.


  1. This is fantastic!!! This must have taken some serious rolling!!! :)

  2. Wow!!! This turned out fabulous can't wait to see it in person. Gorgeous....simply gorgeous.

  3. Kelly, Thanks! and you are right it took a lot of rolling, more than I expected. I did fairly well being patient...I don't like the rolling part. I always want to get my hands on the felt too soon. I love nuno but my personality is more suited to straight felt.

  4. Hey Joei...Thanks...Did you notice the onion skin heart?

  5. What an extremely valuable *experiment* ~ thank you for posting this process. Simply GORGEOUS!

    Do you know...does the felting help to preserve the eco dyes? or do they hold up equally as well if left as silks?

  6. Hello, your art is great and blog is one of my favourites. I was nominated for Kreative Blogger and had to nominate some of my favourite blogs for Kreative Blogger too (more details are on my blog). I nominated you. Hope you don’t mind it :) I’m glad to find such inspiring creators as you :)
    Sija Felt

  7. Hi Sweetpea, Thank you for the compliment. I have no idea how the eco prints will hold up as this is all very new to me. I just took the class from India Flint in late June and only time will tell. I don't think that felting will help the does rinse them pretty well though:) Of course the use of the silks will affect the dyes...I made a book with one piece and since that will not see much light I would think the color will last for quite a while.

  8. Hi Sija Felt. Thank you for your kind words about my blog.It is an honor to have you nominate me...I am still very new to all this!
    I love your felt work...the jackets are so sophisticated in their simplicity and look very well crafted.

  9. hey Diane

    this is gorgeous! as to the resilience of dyes...felting will wash away whatever might not have bonded but won't otherwise have much effect, other than whatever wetting agent is used might act as a colour modifier.
    i find ecoprints have good longevity - especially when compared to commercially dyed black cottong t shirts...

  10. Hi India! I have been having a lot of people ask me about the 'fastness' of the prints and dyes. Since I am so new to this I can not give them answers based on personal knowledge...I am glad to know that you have found the ecoprints to be lasting. Thanks to you I am now an ecoprint junkie. I find it hard to drive for looking at the road side plants too much. I knew it was bad when I asked a store owner if I could trim his shrub so I could have the trimmings...they are berberis thunbergii!

  11. Oh dear that last sentence sounds wrong...