Monday, August 23, 2010

Eco print update

A quick lunch time update on the dye pot from Saturday. I experimented with some of the pressed leaves that I had gathered in the spring. I want to know what types of leaves I should be gathering for the barren winter months. I know that the results may not be the same because of the difference in season, summer vs spring harvest but I want to know what is worth a shot.
Here is part of the experimental piece.

I also did three others in the same pot.
I am very happy with this one...and it is a finished scarf! Unfortunately I can't remember what the other two were or where they went so I guess I won't be showing them.

In the scarf below I really like the pattern I got from the tying but I don't like the colors.
This is an over-dye of a horsetail yellow scarf.

And here are the finished scarves that I laid out that day. One of them was a blank that I want to Eco dye so I won't bother to show that.

I almost always make my scarves different on both sides.
And since those went fairly well I laid out a few more which I will roll today.


  1. in winter you could spend time unwrapping the piles and piles of bundles that you shall have put together in the fall....

  2. India you must not remember me that well. I am much, much too impatient to wait till winter to open all those bundles. I have gotten so that I at least wait until they won't burn my fingers! Or is that just that I have so much scar tissue there it not longer hurts?
    Besides what about those bundles molding? Just adding additional depth to the piece right? ;)