Saturday, July 3, 2010

dyeing a la India Flint

I told friend Joei that I would post pictures of my results from my latest eco-dyeing experiments. I will also help me to have a record that will be harder to misplace! So here goes...

First here is the 'collection', pale but pretty.

A scarf that was soaked in copper water before dyeing.

Folded and wrapped on a copper pipe.

My leaf experiments were done on strips of silk also wrapped on copper pipes.
The purple-ish color is from dayliles. The scarf above a cooked a bit hotter than my leaf samles so the color had less of a red hue.

black raspberry leaves

I think these are some type of mulberry

Paper Birch...maybe

Rose on right, Mint from garden on left

That is rag weed on the left

Globe thistle from the garden which was on the very outside of the bundle.

Strip 2

Choke Cherry

Elderberry...I think

Staghorn Sumac
All told I think I have sampled about 35 different plants. I am going to try using a somewhat rusty pot with some other iron things thrown in next....but one of these days I need to make some felt to try to sell...maybe some scarf blanks that I can dye;)

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