Saturday, June 19, 2010

Big Doings

I can't believe that my long anticipated trip to Shakerag in Sewanee, Tennessee starts today! Way back last August I made the decision to attend a workshop with India Flint on Eco-dyeing. This is a very big deal for me since I don't usually travel like this (normal vacations involve a week camping in the Northeast)  AND I don't spend this kind of money on my own personal interests. I will be leaving for my friend Joei's house this afternoon. But first I have my youngest son's graduation to attend. He and his sister came over last night to put their creative talents to work on decorating his mortarboard. His brother and sister both had John Deere  themed embellishments on theirs, but Josh pulled out all the stops and put the whole farm on his.

The creative team at work.

I just hope it will hold together!

Along with all the must-dos such as planning and packing, and appointments for a crown replacement at the dentist, and an ultrasound for my stomach, I was able to find some time to work in the garden and make these (though they are not completely finished, I will do some stitching on them...maybe on the plane).

But the best part of the week has been seeing these little peeps come into the world. Though it happens everyday, be it plant or animal, this entering into the world to begin a new life will always seem like a miracle to me.

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  1. Little chicks are irresistible aren't they?
    Love the way the lilies are coming along! But the trees and moon....ooooohhhhh.