Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Wesleyan Potters Anual Show and Sale

I just found that the Wesleyan Potters linked to my blog so I thought I should post something new. I have started many blog posts since my last one in January but none have been finished enough to hit the "publish" button. Maybe some day I will pull myself together enough to write. Until then here are some photos of the work that I will put in the sale.

This piece won first place for mixed media in the Friends of Chicopee Library art show. Misty Spring Woods. It is a piece that I had started a long time ago and never put the finishing touches on. Then I got inspired and finished and framed it to put in that show back in the spring.

Another piece that I had 'in the works' for what seemed like a long time is this piece titled A Break in the Storm. I worked on this at the same time that I was preparing to teach out in Colorado. I brought it with me on the plane and worked on it in airports during layovers.

The third piece that I know I will be putting in the show is this image of Portland Head Light.  I used some new techniques on this piece, including some painting and working with fabric markers.

These are not the only pieces that I may have in the show. I hope to finish one or two smaller works to put in the show as well and I have one or two on exhibit elsewhere that may still be available when I have to drop things off down in Middletown. 

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