Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lost time.

It is hard to believe that it has been three weeks since my last post. I have been busy but I also lost a few days to illness. I have not been really sick physically in many years so it was really strange to me. It was a stomach thing and I slept for two days and was not up to snuff for about four days after that. Trying to get caught up and back on schedule is really hard for me. Now I think Dad has the same thing, poor man. I am trying to take care of him but he doesn't accept much help generally and no babying when he is sick (unlike most males when they are ill :). I also have been dealing with an injured chicken. My Miss Lucy had a head injury, possibly caused by Fred in his overzealous mating. I had to bring her in the house and I don't know if I will be able to have her join the group again. I bring her out to a separate cage in the tractor during the day but she needs to come in at night for the warmth since she won't get on the roost with the others anymore.  I really don't want a house chicken, she is lucky she is so sweet.
I am really happy that I started this blog since it really is serving its purpose in helping me to remember things. Since I am taking more pictures and they have dates I can see what I have been spending my time on. It helps me to feel less confused and lost...maybe more in control. I see from the photos that the first week since the last post was when I started dyeing some things to bring to Linda Van Alstyne's for the landscape class I was to teach there. When I teach at places that do not sell wool I bring all the fibers that I use to create my own landscapes. It can be hard to find just the right colors when using commercially dyed fibers. I dye my things so that the colors are uneven and muted just for landscapes.

These locks are from a Border Leicester fleece that I bought this fall, dyed in the grease. I was so happy with the results.
I also dyed some silk fabric for some future underwater images that I plan on making. 

My sister Beth wanted to start another landscape and wanted to do it here so she could ask advice if she needed it. I can't wait to see it after she does the needle felting. 

On my way up to teach at Linda's I stopped in Albany to see our exhibit at the Davey Jones gallery. I took lots of photos. Here are a few.

Since this post is long I think I will write the post about the landscape class at Linda's later. I hate playing catch up!

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