Sunday, November 7, 2010

Betty the burlesque beauty

Presenting the sad story of Betty the burlesque beauty. Betty has fallen on hard times lately. Like many jobless Americans she is looking for a way to make some money. Betty is considering returning to the stage, after an absence of many years. Betty had been a beauty in her day. Unfortunately after all the booze she has consumed though the years she is rather out of touch with reality. She has no idea of how  hideous and creepy she has the years have been to her.
During a get together with her old friend Olivia, Betty excitedly shares her latest idea. She is going to make a fortune with her comeback performances.

 Olivia has been trying to convince her that her 'entertaining' days are over. She gets frustrated that Betty will not face the fact that her smoking and boozing have contributed to her present difficulty.

Sadly Betty ignores Olivia's advice and goes to audition at the local dive club theater. She sings and dances her little heart out.

Her singing is so bad the directors have to plug their ears.

They quickly tell her to STOP!

As a last ditch effort to save her old friend, Olivia arranges for an intervention, asking Betty's estranged family to attend. Unfortunately the discussion quickly became a shouting match and ended badly.

Olivia did not see her friend after that.  Tragically Betty's life went from bad to worse. Her appearance in the documentary "Lives of the Poor and Homeless" was the last anyone saw of her.


  1. I love her and the whole clan and story!! you are amazing!! thanks you made my day!!! hugs Linda

  2. ha!! too funny, gotta love poor Betty!

  3. LOL!. Great story. I love those creations of yours.

  4. Thanks All...glad to know my silliness is appreciated.

    Betty is actually a puppet. There is a hole in the back for access to her mouth and the wires to move her arms and legs. Still some kinks to work out with that and how to make her move but so much fun anyways.

  5. Hopefully Betty will bounce back... looking forward to hearing more about her adventures.

  6. I guess I identify---no beauty or singing or dancing on my resume, but the years do take their toll. A sad but funny story.

  7. You are a gifted comedy writer!!!
    What a great combination...terrific felt characters and a good story line. :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!