Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunny day!

Finally today we had nice sun and only a little wind. I have been wanting to try the setacolor sun printing paints that I got last summer just before we got three weeks of rain. Last week I had started pressing some leaves to use for the printing. In a strange alignment of elements I had time, materials, motivation, and warm drying sun. I just did two small pieces of silk that I can use for nuno felt. Since the silk is so thin I folded it so I got two prints on each piece.

The half that was on the bottom has more of a faded look.
Here is the second piece.

I took the faded half of the first one and made a nuno felt picture with it.

I used some of the silk that I dyed on Monday for the roses and the leaves. Here is a scan of the piece. Neither the scan nor the photo has quite the right color.

It felt good to complete a piece in one day, although I may decide to stitch and bead this one too. I am thinking some small french knots like sprays of baby's breath.
Yesterday I worked on felting a scarf that I had painted last year. I didn't like the painting so I thought I might as well try something different. Unfortunately I still don't like it but I may go ahead and use it for the front of a good size pillow. Sweet Dreams.


  1. Great work, beauriful color
    I love your flowers
    have a nice weekend

  2. Thank you Jaguia. I just looked at your blog and I love your work. Your handbags with the flowers are lovely and I really like the colors you use!


  3. These finished pieces are so beautiful- great idea to use the sun sensitive dyes as a background for nuno! Fiona

  4. Thank you Fiona! I peeked at your work and absolutely love your lamps. I love the look of illuminated felt and your butterflies are charming. I started a lamp that has a few design problems but will look pretty if I ever get it done...just another UFO added to the pile...sigh.

  5. Roses are stunning. You really have taken off on the nuno. I only managed to walk the doggers & look at flowers... but I did finish the last 3 quilt flowers. Whew! Still no new experiments. sigh need to stay on track.

  6. Thank you Joei. I am really just copying you!
    Walking the dogs, looking at flowers, and just being outside are very important for us. It is part of taking care of you so don't say "only". And finishing the quilt squares is huge! Can we see them?