Sunday, March 28, 2010

Natural dyeing part two

The next bark I used came from our apple trees. I didn't forget that I had the bark soaking this time. After I had strained the dye I put in one of the pieces of silk that I had dyed with the crab apple and let it soak overnight. I then added some wool roving, silk, and some silk thread and boiled it. The over-dyed silk came out lovely.

Unfortunately I think this piece soaked up most of the pinkish hue from the apple dye.  The silk and roving that I added the next day was much greener. I liked the color of the roving and the silk yarn...

but I didn't like the silk so I threw the piece in a crock pot with some onion skins and...yum!

Here is the onion/apple silk on the left and the crabapple/apple on the right.
Next up is the pear bark. I crammed a piece of silk in with the bark tonight..

And tomorrow I will do some more cooking.
Meanwhile, I am soaking some stag horn sumac is a scary looking brew already...a blackish green after only 24 hrs.



  1. Whoa!!! You've been doing lots! I saved up some more onion skins. The pear is lovely! My fav dye book? Right now it's India's....but it does have a lot of eucalyptus in it

  2. wonderful feltblog!!!